New Year Specials!

Two Great Specials to star the year off right!

This month we are offering two amazing specials! Now through the end of the month, our office is offering patients $100 off in-office teeth whitening or $330 off a custom-made night guard!

$100 off In-House Teeth Whitening!

Teeth whitening is a quick and straightforward process to get your teeth whiter for a more vibrant smile. One of the most popular procedures asked at a dental office is teeth whitening. This is a procedure that will assist in removing stains and discoloration from teeth while lightening them. Tooth whitening can only be completed once cavities are treated to prevent the whitening solution from reaching the inner tooth and causing sensitivity. Teeth whitening can make a world of difference when it comes to self-confidence in your smile.


"I've been with Dr. Malkemus and his team for a couple years now and have been very satisfied. The office is very welcoming and Dr. Malkemus and his team are polite, friendly and professional."

Redeeming this In-Office Whitening Special is simple.

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Don't miss out!
This offer expires at the end of the month!

$330 off a Night Guard!

The involuntary grinding of your teeth while you sleep. Dental professionals call it BRUXISM (from the Greek word brukhein ‘gnash the teeth’). Bruxism can be intensified by medications or unusually high levels of stress and worry. Continual teeth grinding and jaw clenching will wear down teeth and eventually cause other serious health issues like gum recession, severe headaches, tooth loss or fractures. If bruxism is not managed, costly dental work will inevitably be necessary - restorative treatments like surgery, root canals, crowns or dental implants.

A night guard can help prevent your teeth from grinding together and help avoid cracks or chips. It may also help with the strain on your jaw muscles and the headaches and pain associated with bruxism.


"I have only been a patient for 8 months-but my teeth feel better than they have in years. The staff takes an amazing amount of time explaining everything-thank you."