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1330 Medical Center Dr #1, Rohnert Park, CA 94928
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Posted On: 09/28/2020 The service here is always excellent! Michael S
Posted On: 09/09/2020 Took very good care of me on an emergency basis. Couldn't ask for a more responsive and helpful dentist and staff James Anthony E
Posted On: 07/22/2020 George and all of his staff are always attentive and thorough. They are professional and take patient comfort as a priority. George has a gentle approach and is glad to explain the steps he is taking before, during and after treatments. Steve W
Posted On: 07/17/2020 Always a pleasure to see the wonderful people at the office Richard P
Posted On: 07/14/2020 I recommend the dentist george Malkemus and his staff as they care about your needs as well as your teeth. His dental hygienist Laurie is also great. Finally I’m not afraid to have dental work done. Carol K
Posted On: 06/16/2020 Very good dentist and good staff. I can always count on George and his staff to accommodate me whenever I need them. Bob L
Posted On: 06/15/2020 A very friendly, professional office. Liz R
Posted On: 02/26/2020 I have also been a patient of Dr. Malkemus for many years and extremely satisfied with the care I received from him and all the office staff. I can't thank everyone enough!! Carole Alexander S
Posted On: 02/13/2020 Dr. M is an excellent dentist. He pays close attention to the condition of your teeth. He is attentive and concerned about how you are doing when he works on you. He has a very engaging manner. The staff are wonderful also. Norma
Posted On: 01/28/2020 Very gentle and friendly with all three fillings done in one visit. Doug S
Posted On: 01/17/2020 George and staff are very good and very nice . George is very conscientious and very accommodating. Claudia S
Posted On: 12/14/2019 Always the best James B
Posted On: 12/13/2019 Been a patient of Dr. Malkemus for over 20 years always does a awesome job. Chris S
Posted On: 12/11/2019 I've been going to Dr. Malkemus for almost 30 years. That's the highest recommendation you can give! He and all his staff are friendly, professional, and completely focused on helping you maintain awesome dental health. Carol L
Posted On: 11/12/2019 Excellent staff! Feels like your family when you’re there. Always prompt and professional. Love that they all have a great sense of humor. Robin P
Posted On: 10/01/2019 We love, love, love Doctor Malkemus! He and his staff are wonderful. If you are looking for an experienced, caring and professional dentist, our family highly recommends Doctor Malkemus. Helen S
Posted On: 09/26/2019 I've been coming here for about 9 years and am totally satisfied with all the procedures that I've had. Dr. Malkemus is very skillful and is very considerate of your comfort while your are being worked on. The staff is great. I'm totally satisfied. John B
Posted On: 09/13/2019 At Dr. Malkemus the minute youi enter the office you are nicely treated like a long time friend. The staff will make you feel very confident. Graciano A
Posted On: 05/23/2019 Excellent dental practice! Dr. Malkemus is very thorough and conscientious. All of the staff are friendly and welcoming. The quality of care is excellent! Laura C
Posted On: 05/11/2019 Everyone who works here is fabulous! They are friendly and caring! Suzette W
Posted On: 04/05/2019 Great Bruce G
Posted On: 01/29/2019 Going to a dentist is never the top of most individuals. However, the care and patience that Dr. George displays is beyond belief!! How many times can you remember or imagine that 'you' dentist will call you to see how you're progressing after a procedure?? Fantastic experience. All the staf personnel are professional and friendly. Katrine L website Logo Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 01/29/2019 I would recommend this office from the front desk (so helpful) thank the hygienists (sp?) to the doc. Very patient and gentle. Cathi S website Logo Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 11/30/2018 Great dentist! Very friendly and professional office. Helen S
Posted On: 09/25/2018 I am very pleased with the service that my family receives at Dr. Malkemus's office. The staff is wonderful. I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone looking for a great dentist. Suzie W
Posted On: 08/27/2018 I have been a long time patient over 20 years and Dr. Malkemus and staff are the best in the west that you will ever find, great place, great team, and they treat you like family. Recommended to anyone and everyone! Rick F
Posted On: 08/08/2018 I have been a client with this amazing dentail team nearly 20 yrs.They are very friendly ,courteous while at the same time very professional. They are very efficient with the time you spend there and very insightful of whatever my dental need's are at that time.My teeth are very happy to have been cared for by this awesome staff.I would recommend anyone who is looking for the best dentist. Mark J
Posted On: 07/25/2018 Excellent. I would recommend Dr. Malkemus and his staff. Desiree H
Posted On: 03/27/2018 Had my first visit back in July 2017. I was looking for a new dentist.I participated in offer from a advertisement on line.I had a exam and cleaning for $49.00! I did not have dental insurance. That was a offer I could not ignore. Time passed I was eligible for financial dental assistance. Of course I Return to Dr Malkemus. Finishing up some dental work recommend by Dr.Malkemus. I will be relieved when Im caught up. Thanks to Dr. Malkemus I was able to get the right treatment. Also he is close to where Ilive. Susan C
Posted On: 12/01/2017 George Malkemus, DDS, and his staff are my all-time favorite dental team. Not only are they amazing at the work they do, but they're so friendly and fun to be with that I look forward to my next dental appointment. Their dental hygienist, Laura, is fast and thorough and very kind and friendly. Their receptionists, Vickie and Michelle, are true kind-hearted souls, and always make me feel welcome. Though Dr. Malkemus's extensive dental training and 35 years experience are reasons enough to put me at ease, it's his friendly manners that stand out and make each visit a true pleasure. Mary Alice and Barbara complete this joyful team because both are professional and approachable. Danielle Raker B
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